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Maldon Little Ship Club Sponsored Gig and Rowing Race

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New Year’s Resolution….


This was held on Saturday 20th January 2018 at about 13.30 on Maldon Hythe quay. A cold, grey and rainy day, but lots of boats on the river and a good race!

We’d like to thanks everyone who braved the weather to come along and cheer every one along. Raising money for the RNLI is the game and the race did just that. Over £6000 in total and we’re proud to announce that we raised £4,704 of this total.

Many, many thanks to all those who helped us achieve this magnificent amount through the 200 club we run for the RNLI and individual donations.

If you’ve seen Maldon Standard, don’t be confused with name the reporter gave us – we’ve not renamed ourselves the Base and Oars (??!!!!). We are still The Basin Oars who have been around since 1990 – a mere 28 years! If you want to join the 200 Club, we still have a few numbers left so do contact us for more details.

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December 31st 2016, saw the 40th Maldon Little Ship Club Sponsored Row and Gig Race in aid of the RNLI. It was great to see so many people turn out to support everyone. Our fancy dress this year was a spoof on the Julie Walters’ sketch, Two Soups – ‘Ready to order , sir?’

We had great pleasure in handing over a cheque for £5,000 raised mostly from our RNLI 200 Club and wish to thank all members for your support.  We had a very generous donation from a friend of £1,250 for the row which helped us retain the trophy for the most money raised by any one boat. Thank you Terry.

The last photo shows John Rogers receiving his winning cheque in the annual Extra Big Oars Draw, the major prize in the 200 Club. Congratulations, John.

If you’d like to join our 200 Club please contact us for details.

'Strictly' before the race

‘Strictly’ before the race

Thanks to everyone who came along to Maldon Hythe Quay on Sunday 27th December to support this event and to cheer us on.

Fortunately, the strong winds we had been experiencing recently, abated for the race and it was a fairly smooth course. There was a great atmosphere being with so many rowing boats, kayaks, gigs and a paddle board on the water and to see so many spectators along the quay.

As usual we made a colourful splash with our ‘Strictly’ theme. Thanks to the support from the members of our RNLI 200 Club we handed over £3,750 and won the trophy for the boat which  raised the most sponsorship. We were the first women’s multiple crew to finish and were runners’ up in the fancy dress competition.

It was heartening to see so many people supporting this race and we’d like to thank John and Diana Rogers from the Maldon Little Ship Club for organising it and all those who helped make the event so successful.

We’re also grateful to the West Mersea lifeboat crew who came along in ‘Just George’. We couldn’t resist the invitation to pose on the life boat – after all we did help to fund it!

Strictly 'Just George'

Strictly ‘Just George’

Row4AReason Round Northey Island Row 2015

Thank you to everyone who came along to watch and cheer on the race on Saturday 26th September. We enjoyed near perfect weather conditions and had a great row round Northey Island.

This year our theme for Pirates of the Blackwater was the Pirates of Parliament and we had great fun deciding outfits with a play on different roles of office within Westminster which included a Spin Doctor, Permanent(ly) under Secretary in a State, Lord Privy Seal(t) and Chief Whip.

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Row4aReason charities this year include MacMillan Cancer Support, Action for Family Carers and First Responders.


RNLI Sponsored Row and Gig Race 2015

Thanks to everyone who came down to Maldon Hythe Quay on Sunday 4th January to support the sponsored row. It was an early start with the race starting at 11.00 and we had a cold but very calm day. The conditions were so good that we finished the race in 25 minutes – the first ladies’ multiple team back! We were second in the fancy dress and won the trophy for the boat raising the most sponsor money. This is virtually all down to our RNLI 200 Club. We raised over £3,200 so thank you to all our members!

Where does Santa go after Christmas? ON HOLIDAY!

Where does Santa go after Christmas? ON HOLIDAY!

Just a bit faster than rowing

Just a bit faster than rowing

With the West Mersea Lifeboat Crew

With the West Mersea Lifeboat Crew

Row4AReason Round Island Race 2014

The sun managed to shine for the Row4AReason event – Pirates of the Blackwater fun weekend over 12-14th September. We rowed out in style in our pirate outfits! It was choppy in places, but we still managed a respectable 55 minutes to row the course around Northey Island.

Our fundraising efforts through the running of the annual Oars and Paws Fun Dog Show in June meant we raised the most money by a single boat – £720.

More information can be seen on our Charities’ page – Row4AReason

Final hydration intake

Final hydration intake

Ready to row

Ready to row


Last few strokes

Last few strokes

Row 4a Reason

Thank you to everyone who came down to the Basin on Saturday 7th September for Row 4a Reason.

This year’s theme was Heybridge Basin Pirates of the Blackwater. The race was the usual course around Northey Island and in aid of the following charities being supported by Row 4a Reason: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Bipolar UK and Life Education.

We had a good row despite some tricky weather and very strong winds on the far side of Northey making progress through the water very slow and challenging. However, we made it!

We enjoyed having the excuse to dust off our pirate outfits we wore when we took part in the Great River Race on the Thames in 2009. Here are a few pictures from that race, which bring back memories of a terrific day messing about on the river, all done in the best possible taste as ever!

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Almost done!

Almost done!


Pirates of The Thames

Pirates of The Thames

Maldon Little Ship Club Race Christmas 2012

On a blustery Saturday 29th December we took to the water at Maldon Hythe Quay to compete in this rowing race for the RNLI. As usual we dressed with elegance and poise, all in the best possible taste!

From the competitive aspect, there was something different about this year…. for the first time in many years we didn’t win the trophy for the boat raising the most money! Last year we threw down the gauntlet and challenged other boats to try to raise more money than us and the South Woodham Ferrers Coastguard did just that!!! They raised £3,000 and we raised £2,570. The total raised for the RNLI was £8,200 – about £5,000 more than last year!

We were the first Ladies’ multiple boat and we won third prize in the fancy dress.

Before the race

Getting ready for business

Pulling for the RNLI

Peter Stilts and Friends

Maldon Little Ships Christmas Race

Working 9 to 5???


This is the annual rowing race for the RNLI and we will be there in all our outrageous glory, but all done in the best possible taste! We look forward to seeing as many people as possible and hope that you come along to cheer the teams on.

The picture above is one of our outfits inspired by Dolly Parton in 2007.

ROW4AREASON Round Island Race 2012

Saturday 1st September and we took part in the Round Northey Island rowing race for ROW4AREASON. As is our custom we made a spectacle of ourselves. We chose to continue the theme from our fantastic summer of sporting achievements in the Olympics and Paralympics by honouring Bradley Wiggins. We couldn’t let his fantastic win of Le Tour de France go unnoticed so thought that our race should be Le Tour de Northey.

Here are a few photos of the event. The money we raised at our Oars and Paws Fun Dog Show in June was donated to this race. Thanks to everyone who helped us to raise just over £600.