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RNLI 200 Club March and 1st Quarter Big Oars Draw Results

The results of this month’s draws are as follows:

Weekly draws of £50 – No. 176 TM, No. 156 DM, No. 175 JR, No. 16 LS

Quarterly 1st Prize of £250 – No.6 CO, 2nd Prize of £100 DM,  3rd Prize of £76 No. 189 PS

Congratulations everyone and thanks for your continued support and a HUGE thank you to those who donated their prize winnings back to the RNLI. This amounted to £200. Thank you!

Results of February RNLI 200 Club

The weekly draws for February were held at the Maldon Little Ship Club on Sunday 27 February. Congratulations to our winners who each won £50.

No 151 Janice and John Frost

No 188 Harley Swann

No 4 Rob Bryson

No 77 Mary Rudin. Very sadly, Mary passed away last week and Sarah, her daughter, very kindly donated Mary’s winnings to the village Stitch, Knit and Natter group.

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your continued support.

The cheque for £5,432 from last year’s RNLI 200 Club membership was handed to the Maldon Branch of the RNLI.

January RNLI 200 Club Draws and Thank You

Mermaids January 2011

Mermaids December 2011

January sees our first draws of the new year and again we start the year with a full house of 200 numbers being taken up! Fantastic news. we currently have a waiting list for those wishing to join which means we can sustain a full house. If you should like to join please contact us so you can be added to the list.

This month’s draws will be held on Saturday 29th January at 2.30pm in Heybridge Basin aside the Lock and by the Flag Pole. The weekly prize is £50.

Although a little late (apologies), but we are still technically in January, just, we should like to thank all our 200 Club members for their continued support in helping us raise £5,432 for the RNLI over the past year. Notwithstanding, the £4,800 which was paid out to members in prizes!

Please click the link below for this year’s rejoin information.

2022 Rejoin

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Results of the RNLI 200 Club Christmas Draw


New Year's Race 2019

New Year’s Race 2019

Congratulations to our winners of the Christmas Even Bigger Oars Draw, 4th Quarter Big Oars Draw and December weekly draws which took place at MLSC on Sunday 19th December. Here are the winners:

Christmas Draw

1st prize £500 – Scott Mills

2nd Prize £200 – Debbie Kiddier

4th Quarter Draw

1st Prize £250 – Christine Oatham

2nd Prize £100 – Lew Schnurr (donated to the RNLI)

3rd Prize £76 – Sue Prinn

Weekly Prize £50

Christine Oatham (donated to the RNLI), Freya Bryson, Jean Cuthbert, Rob Bryson

Some of you may be aware that this year’s MLSC Rowing Race, due to be held on 3rd January 2022, has had to be postponed due to the recurrent COVID 19 situation and it’s hoped to be rearranged for a later date. We are really disappointed about this, but all is not lost in terms of revenue raised by the Basin Oars this year through the RNLI 200 Club as we are extremely proud to announce the total from this will be £5432 which is over £200 more than last year.

Many thanks one and all for your continued support and generosity over this year. We couldn’t have raised this amount of money for the RNLI without you!


Meet the Greyhounds

Meet the Greyhounds

Today, 4th October, we had the welcome invitation to visit Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue a registered charity based in Little Totham, near Maldon, Essex, the benefactors of our scaled down fun dog show, held last month. We were able to meet the lovely Hannah and had great pleasure in presenting her with the £483 raised from the show together with some other donations! We also had the opportunity to meet some of the gorgeous greyhounds who are waiting to be re-homed.

It was a lovely morning and quite busy, arriving as one of the dogs was just leaving, having just been adopted, then a group of dogs returned from their walk with their handlers.

We normally raise more money from our fun dog shows, but this year due to early days of the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions we decided to play safe and keep numbers low by promoting it almost exclusively within our village. We hope that next year the world may have opened up again and we can have  a slightly larger show. To this end we intend to support Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescue again.

Save the date of Saturday 17th September 2022!

Huge thank you to everyone who supported our show this year!

Please visit their website: for more information.

Oars and Paws Fun Dog Show 2021


Best in Show 2021 Truffle

Best in Show 2021 Truffle

Our fun dog show finally happened on Saturday 18th September! We thought long and hard about whether to run the show this year due to the uncertainty of COVID restrictions. We decided to go ahead but on a much scaled down event promoting to just Heybridge Basin residents and their families.

We had a fabulous day with very warm sunshine and a manageable number of entrants and spectators and we raised a very respectable £460 for Clarks Farm Greyhound Re-homing centre, a local charity in Little Totham. We shall be visiting them next month to present them with the money and also have the chance to see some of the dogs.

We hope to run  the show next year, so hold the date for Saturday 17th September 2022!