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RNLI 200 Club March 2024 Weekly and 1st Quarter Big Oars Draw Results

The results for this month’s weekly draws and the 1st Quarter Big Oars Draw are as follows:

4 x £50 weekly prize:

No. 69 CS, No. 49 PR, No. 120 JF, No. 28 JW

1st Quarter Big Oars Draw:

£250 No. 29 CH

£100 No.149 AS

£76 No. 22 SE

Total prize fund for this month is £626 with the same amount raised for the RNLI

Congratulations everyone and thank you for your continued support.


RNLI 200 Club February 2024 Draws

This month’s weekly draws will take place on Sunday 3rd March at an annual RNLI Presentation. As usual, the prize money will be 4 x £50.

Good luck to all members.

Thank you for your continued support. We now have a reserve list running, so if you know anyone who would like to join or if you would like another number, please let us know.

It’s great to continue to have all 200 numbers taken. This means more money for you and more money for the RNLI!