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February RNLI 200 Club Draw Results

This month’s archive photo is from the MLSC New Year’s row 2010. Scary – enough to make the opposition ‘cave’ in!!!

The Cave Women Cometh. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

          The Cave Women Cometh. Be afraid, very afraid!!

The results for February’s weekly draws of £50 each are as follows:

No. 137 – David Ash

No. 117 – Sue Prin

No. 55 – Dennis Mannina

No. 182 – Colin Bone

Congratulations and thank you for your continued support.

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New mail

RNLI 200 Club January Draws

Happy New Year!!!

This month’s draws are set to take place on Sunday 31st January at sunset (16.44hrs) in Jill and Derek’s garden and due to the continuing lockdown restrictions their neighbours will be peeping over the fence to ensure fair play.

As you know, we have achieved 200 numbers so this means that the weekly prize is £50.00

Below is a copy of the email sent from Sue and Peter Woods earlier this month:

Dear Supporters

I am writing on behalf of all of the Committee of Maldon Branch of the RNLI to thank you all for your ongoing support for the Basin Oars 200 Club.

 We have today banked the amazing cheque for £5,020 and this will, of course continue the work of the RNLI – Saving Lives at Sea.  It was a great shame that the Sponsored Row could not take place over the Christmas/New Year – we all know why – but the great thing about the 200 club is that the RNLI can still benefit.  I believe that it would have been the 30th year that ‘The Girls’ had taken part in the MLSC Sponsored Row – but I am sure that they will be back next year in their smart, refurbished boat.

 Your help and support is very much appreciated.

 Take Care 

  Sue Woods (Chairman) and Peter Woods (Treasurer)

200 Club cheque 2020 amended

RNLI 200 Club Rejoin and Thank you

Please click on the link below to view our Thank You poster for everyone who has helped us achieve the grand total of £5000 to be donated to the RNLI for last year’s fundraising efforts through the 200 Club.

200 2020 Rejoin letter

We have now reached 200 members, which is fantastic news. This means we will be able to raise more funds for the RNLI and also pay out the maximum benefit to our members – a win win situation that we have been striving for since 2012!

Thanks again to one and all for your support. If you have missed out on becoming a member, that’s a shame, but keep looking on our Facebook page to see if any numbers become available.

RNLI 200 Club December and Bonus Draws – The Results

This month has seen our weekly draws, 4th Quarter Big Oars Draw and the Christmas even bigger Oars Draw! These took place at the Jolly Sailor, Heybridge Basin on 15th December with the usual distancing protocols in place.

This will be our largest prize fund since we started the 200 Club in 2012

The lucky winners are as follows:

Weekly Draw x 4 @ £49.00 – No. 28 Jocasta Webb, No. 85 Cate Knox, No. 181 Tim Davis and No. 183 Paula Abbott

Quarterly 1st prize £238.00 – No. 115 Terry Swann

2nd prize £96 – No. 193 Harley Swann

3rd prize £75 – No. 86 Julie Tolfrey

Christmas Draw 1st prize £475 – No. 29 Claire Hindley

2nd prize £190 – No. 179 Janet Moss

Huge congratulations to all our winners! 

The total payout for these draws is £1270

We are extremely proud to be handing over a cheque for £5000 to the Maldon Branch of the RNLI as a result of half of the funds raised (including some returned winnings from members) through the RNLI 200 Club this year! Thank you so much to all our members.

We now have only 4 numbers left before we reach the maximum of 200 numbers, so if you want to be in with a chance to be a winner AND support the RNLI, please see the joining information or may be pass it on to friends and family. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Christmas Everyone and here’s to a safer and happier 2021!

RNLI 200 Club November Weekly Draws


The Lock at Heybridge Basin

The Lock at Heybridge Basin

This month sees our highest numbers in the draws with 196 taken up, leaving only four numbers available. If you would like to join the club at only £1.00 per week over 48 weeks, please see our How to Join information. One win and you will have recouped your annual outlay for a number. We shall be releasing these last numbers from January.

This month’s weekly prize is £48.75 and the draw will take place in Jill and Derek’s garden in Heybridge Basin at sunset on Monday 30th November.

Next month is the 4th Quarter Big Oars Draw and the Even Bigger Oars Christmas Draw with big prizes to be won and not forgetting that the same amount goes to the RNLI.

Thank you for your continued support and good luck!

RNLI 200 Club October Draws – The Results

October’s draw results are as follows: 

No. 136 – Richard Ingham

No. 40 – John Monkhouse

No. 32 – Paul Rogers

No. 98 – Geoffrey Clark

Congratulations and thank you for your support.

The draw took place on 31st October and the weekly prize was £48.00

We now have 194 numbers taken up, leaving just 6 and reaching a full house of 200 numbers!!

If you want to join or add another number (maximum of 5 per person) you’d better be quick! Details are posted on our site.

We still have November’s draw at the end of this month and then December sees our 4th quarter Big Oars Draw and also our Christmas Even Bigger Oars Draw.