Daily Archives: October 2, 2021

RNLI 200 Club September and August Draws Results

The draws took place on Sunday 26th September by the canal picnic area. This was also our 3rd quarter Big Oars Draws with the weekly prize of £50 and Big Oars Draw prizes of £250, £100 and £76

Weekly prize winners are No 83 – Trevor Sinkinson, No. 108 – Colin Finch, No. 53 – Geoff Clark, No. 104 – Ron Traynor

Quarterly No. 165 – Jimmy Byam-Shaw, No. 97 – Jocasta Webb, No. 2 Derek Fox

Apologies for the delay in posting our winners from August each winning £50

No 148 Jocasta Webb, No. 159 John Monkhouse, No. 54 Christine Oatham, No. 173 Jane and Mike Hall

Congratulations everyone and thanks for your continued support.