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RNLI 200 Club Christmas Extra Big Oars Draws – The Results

Where does Santa go after Christmas? ON HOLIDAY!

Where does Santa go after Christmas? ON HOLIDAY!

The Big One!! The Extra Big Oars Draw, Big Oars Draw and weekly draws were held in Maldon Little Ship Club on Sunday 17th December at around 4pm.

The prize fund is OARSOME with over £1000 to be won!

Weekly prize of £41.25

No. 63 Kevin Royan

No. 60 Martin Rhodes

No. 157 Jacqueline Yorston

No. 91 Mike and Sheila Childs

4th Quarter Big Oars Draw:

1st – £201 – No. 28 Jocaster Webb

2nd – £80 – No. 125 Doug Milsted

3rd – £61 – No. 8 Melanie Williams

Extra Big Oars Draw:

1st – £402 – No. 146 Terry Swann

2nd – £161- No. 116 Jean Camfield

Congratulations to you all and a huge thank you everyone for your support. Good luck for next year!

More numbers are available. Contact us for details.


RNLI 200 Club Christmas Draws – The Results

With your support over 2016 year we donated £3,756 topped up by a generous supporter to £5,000 to the RNLI on 31st December at the Maldon Little Ship Club sponsored row.

If you want more details of how to join the RNLI 200 Club or are considering  moving to a Standing Order arrangement, please contact us for details.

This is the big One! December sees not only the weekly draws and the quarterly Big Oars Draw, BUT also the Christmas Even Bigger Oars Draw!! This is our 6th year and will offer the biggest prize money since we began the club in 2012. Draws held on Saturday 17th December at The Jolly Sailor Christmas market.

The weekly prize for December: £38.50                                                                                                           No 67 – Allan Luck No 107 – Geoffrey Clark No 71 – George Little   No 44 – Paul Hindley

The Big Oars Draw: 1st prize – £196 Jane Staab (no 68) 2nd prize – £78  Judith Manley (no 72)             3rd prize – £60 Tim Madelin (no 176)

The Even Bigger Oars Draw:  1st prize – £392 John and Di Rogers (no 175)                                            2nd prize – £157 Doug Milstead (no 113)

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